How Can You Incorporate In Delaware Without Having an Office In The State?

Business owners are often interested in incorporating in Delaware, but are unsure how they can do so without having a physical office in the state.

You do not need a physical location to incorporate in Delaware, but you do need to have a registered agent for service of process. A registered agent for service of process is where your company would be served if it were to be sued.

LegalInc. Corporate Services Inc. ($99/year),  BizFilings ($149/year), LegalZoom ($159/year) and a number of other companies provide a registered agent for service of process in Delaware.

If you need a registered agent for service of process in California, our firm charges $99/year.

It is important to remember that even if you incorporate in Delaware, you will also need to register your business in each state you are doing business.  Most states have a very low registration threshold because they not only want to know which businesses are operating in their state, but they also want to maximize revenue from franchise taxes.

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