Your brand is an invaluable asset to your business—it’s how consumers will identify you, relate to you, and how they will ultimately remember you.

At BLG Trademarks, we take a modern and accessible approach to the legal aspect of establishing and protecting our clients’ brands.

We advise on the entire life cycle of trademarks, including clearance searches, state, federal and international registration, licensing, assignments, monitoring and disputes. We further advise clients on copyright and licensing issues, technology and privacy matters and a host of ancillary legal issues.


Brands are primarily protected through Trademark Law. We help our clients choose names, slogans and logos that avoid conflict with third parties, register them in the United States and internationally, and represent them in disputes. We also help with licensing agreement(s), and provide trademark monitoring services.

If your company has established its brand, but would like a fresh take on its strengths and weaknesses, we can assess your trademark portfolio and provide recommendations.


Copyright Law protects your creative content. We aid in establishing your rights through registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, help monetize them through contractual agreements, and protect your creations from unauthorized use.

If you have created material that needs to be protected or monetized, we can help.


From online platforms and mobile apps to hardware developers and manufacturers, we are the go-to firm for protecting your trademarks in Silicon Valley.

With the online marketplace stronger than ever, it is vital to protect your brand through trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We’ll help you determine what your trademarks are, and we’ll help you protect them.

An admiration for creativity is at the core of our brand. We greatly enjoy working with individuals in the entertainment and media space at any level, from creating music and the visual arts, to operating art galleries and venues.

We help cannabis companies in California jump through the hurdles of brand protection. There are a number of options for cannabis companies to make sure that competitors do not encroach on their trademark rights during this revolutionary transition in America’s most populous state.

We love food and we love drink. Clearing your restaurant’s trademark is vital to establishing a unique brand that is synonymous with exceptional service.