What is a California Statement of Information And When Does It Need To Be Filed?

By: Doug Bend

A Statement Of Information provides information about your legal entity to the California Secretary of State’s Office. For example, it includes who are the officers of your corporation or if there is a Manager for your LLC. 

Legal entities are required to file their first Statement of Information within 90 days of registering with the California Secretary of State’s Office. 

Corporations are then required to file a Statement of Information each year thereafter beginning five months before and through the end of their registration anniversary.

LLCs are only required to file a Statement of Information every other year, beginning five months before and through the end of the month of their registration anniversary. 

The Statement of Information is a public document that can be viewed on the Secretary of State’s website. 

It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare the filing and if all of the information is still the same you can merely check the first box that there has been no change.

In addition, the filing fee is relatively minimal ($20 for LLCs and $25 for corporations), but the failure to timely file the Statement of Information can result in hefty late filing fees.  You are supposed to get a postcard reminder in the mail, but we recommend our clients also set a Google calendar alert to help make sure they do not miss the filing deadline.

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