How to Identify My Trademarks

By: Vivek Vaidya

Building a strong reputation for the goods and services you provide does not happen overnight.  It takes dedication and hard work to develop your brand and customer base, and that is why identifying and protecting your trademark is vital to the growth of your business.

A trademark is a set of words, a logo, or a slogan that the consuming public comes to associate with your products of services.  When an customer sees your trademark, it conjures the entire experience they had when dealing with you or your company: the quality of the goods and services, the people they dealt with, the tone of the experience, and intangible gut feeling they have about the brand.  Even potential customers who have yet to use your products or services may have an impression about your brand through exposure to marketing or hearing others’ reviews. Trademarks are critical to any business because the goodwill they represent has tangible value. It allows consumers to make the quicker decision about where to direct their resources, which a business with a strong trademark will have steady and growing revenue.  In short, everything your brand stands for is represented with a simple trademark.

There are various types of trademarks, but the most basic are the following:

Word Mark:  A word or collection of words that are used in association with your products or services, often seen in advertisements or on products/product packaging.

Slogan:  A phrase, often used in tandem with a word mark or a logo, that is displayed in conjunction with your products or services.

Logo:  A distinctive design that is used in connection with your products or services.
Using marks in the three categories above allows you to grow the goodwill between consumers and your brand.  By establishing a trademark, you can prevent competitors from using the exact mark, or any confusingly similar marks.  Registering trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the best way to protect your trademark, and is essential for any serious brand.  To learn more about protecting your trademarks, Contact Bend Law Group, PC at (415) 633-6841.

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