How To Change Your San Francisco Business Address

If you change your business address in San Francisco, it is important to avoid potential issues. The following checklist is a good starting point for most businesses to make sure you update all of the necessary government agencies and service providers.

1.  California Secretary Of State’s Office

You will need to file an updated Statement Of Information with the California Secretary Of State’s Office. The filing fee for an LLC is $20 and for a corporation is $25. You can access the forms for online filing here.

2.  IRS Address Change

You will also need to update the IRS by filling out and mailing Form 8822-B or by calling the IRS business hotline at 1-800-829-4933. There is no filing fee.

3. California Franchise Tax Board

You will need to update the California Franchise Tax Board of your company’s new address, which you can do here. There is no filing fee.

4. San Francisco Business Registration Certificate

In addition, you need to update your business account with the city of San Francisco by clicking here. There is no filing fee.

5. Fictitious Business Name Statement

You are required to file a fictitious business name statement if you conduct business in San Francisco under a name other than your full legal name, the legal name of a legal entity, or any name that suggests additional owners. When you change your business address, you are required to file for an updated Fictitious Business Name Statement. The cost of publication varies depending on the newspaper, but the least expensive option we have found is The San Francisco Daily Journal. You can reach The San Francisco Daily Journal by e-mailing Tonya at

6. California Department Of Tax And Fee Administration

If your business has a seller’s permit, you will need to update the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration of your company’s new address by filing Form CDTFA-345. If you do not have a seller’s permit, you can read about why you might need one here.

7. Employment Development Department

You will also need to update the Employment Development Department by logging into your account online or asking your payroll service provider to do so. There is no filing fee.

8. Business Service Providers

You should update all of the service providers for your business, such as your bank, insurance carrier, credit card companies, payment processing and other service providers.

9. Business Listings

You should update all of the online business listings for your business, such as Yelp, Facebook business page, and any other applicable listings. Once you think you have covered them all, Google the name of your business to make sure you have not missed any.

10. Registered Agent for Service of Process

If you hired a third party to be your registered agent for service of process, you should update them of your new business address.

11. Subscriptions

Does your business subscribe to any professional journals, magazines, or other subscription services? If so, be sure to update those as well.

12. U.S. Postal Service

Last but not least, you should file a change of address form with the United States’ Postal Service, which you can find here.

For many companies these are the steps necessary to change your business address in San Francisco, but please contact us at (415) 633-6841 or to make sure no additional steps are required as each situation is unique.

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